Deadly Property Profit Mistakes


You’re about to discover the 18 fatal mistakes that stop new (and experienced) property investors dead in their tracks

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Dear Property Investor,

Reena Malra here, the Queen of Options.

As you may know, I’m one of the UK’s leading property investors and creative strategists.
Within the last 7 years I’ve succeeded in building an ample property portfolio in the UK and the US, completing on well over 300 creative deals – which has enabled me to enjoy a life of complete freedom, away from the 9-5 grind.

But it wasn’t always this way!

When I first started out, I made a whole heap of costly mistakes that almost wrecked my dream of building a property empire before it had even begun.

And almost every day, I hear about rookie – and even vastly experienced – property investors falling into the exact same traps

And I don’t want YOU to make the same mistakes!

So I’ve decided to put together a very special and completely FREE report that reveals 18 of the deadliest, and most common mistakes made by property investors.

This report will ensure that you get started on the right footing, dramatically improving your chances of finding profitable leads, closing deals and generating a healthy income from property.

(Believe me, I wish someone had put this together for me when I first started out!)

In this completely free ‘must-have’ report, you will discover…

  • The 18 deadly mistakes that investors are making that are KILLING their chances of building a profitable portfolio
  • Shiny Object Syndrome, and why this is the #1 reason new investors fail
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make when negotiating with sellers, and how to avoid it
  • Why there’s a very good chance you’ve been throwing away your heard-earned money on coaching courses
  • REVEALED! The real secret to my success, and why NOT following this simple strategy could destroy your chances of closing deals (I teach all of my students this technique, and they absolutely swear by it!)
  • The quickest way to TURN OFF any potential lead, and what you need to do to avoid it! (So many investors – both new and experienced – make this mistake, and it’s deadly)
  • The MOST COMMON TRAP to fall into when trying to close a deal (I see this mistake made time and time again, and it will cost you big time!)
  • 2 frighteningly easy oversights that property investors make ALL THE TIME! (You’ll be amazed at just how many people make these mistakes, and if you make them too you’re destined for disaster)
  • And much, much more!


If you want to build a cash-flowing property portfolio, then you absolutely MUST read this free report.

It will stop you from making 18 of the costliest and most deadly mistakes that kill the dreams of so many aspiring property investors, and dramatically improve your chances of success in the process.

And all you need to do is tell me where to send it!

reena-malraYour Partner in Prosperity,

Reena Malra

Reena Malra – Queen of Options